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Body Temple Fitness Personal Training Studio isn't just a gym; it's an individualized personal training studio. Our clients work one-on-one with our skilled trainers in our private, professional studio. Providing you with the comfort of your home or corporate office, our studio is well-equipped for your rigorous training schedule. 

Whether your goals are weight management, body sculpting, or body building, we can help you achieve them. We constantly provide you with the motivation and guidance required to build your confidence that not only allows you to secure your goals, but also retain them for life.

See Positive Results Quickly

Whether you're a beginner who wants guidance to get started with regular workouts, or an experienced work-out person in search for motivation, you can always rely on our personal trainers to achieve your fitness goals quickly.
"Larry did 20 lbs. and went down 2 pants sizes in only 2 months! With the help of the BTF Team, I highly recommend this place, these guys are the real deal!"

- Larry M.
"Working with the trainers at Body Temple Fitness has changed my life more than I ever imagined! So far I’ve lost 80 pounds, and counting, and several inches overall. But most of all, my flexibility has improved dramatically and I am able to move around and do daily chores that have always been extremely challenging. 

All my life I’ve struggled with my weight, but I’ve never had any lasting success. It took the persistence, expertise, and strong support from the personal trainers at Body Temple Fitness: Terrace Johnson and, especially, John Derek Zvonek, to help set me on the track toward a healthier mind and body. With hard work on my part and their continued support, I am finally moving in a healthier and happier direction.

-- Sandra Miller
"I have been a client at Body Temple Fitness for two years, and it's such a great feeling going in and learning what is needed. With the help and guidance from Terrace and his staff, I am now off all of my medications, do not have to use my CPAP, and lost 125 pounds! The trainers have taught me how to keep the weight off and live a more active lifestyle. They are also able to modify any work-out routine for any injuries one may have! I highly recommend anyone to go here!" 

-- Benjamin Lee
"I have been a client of Body Temple Fitness for over a year. I am not a gym person; this is not a gym. This is personal training at its very best!! The trainers are all extremely qualified and work with all levels of fitness. I have made great friends here, and everyone is like family. I love the fact that I can shower and head straight to work. The trainers LISTEN, and I love that. Dedication and works equal results, and that’s what you will get if you come here!!"
-- Christy B.
"Thank you so much for all you have done for my husband John. When he came to you, he was overweight and had trouble walking and getting out of a chair. All he did all day was watch television and eat. He was on insulin and other medications for diabetes. Since coming to Body Temple Fitness eight months ago, he has lost 67 pounds and is able to walk and move around better. He has so much energy - he is now taking kickboxing classes and doing our landscaping, which he has not done in years. You were able to motivate him, which no one else could do. His doctor was so thrilled with his improvement that she took him off his diabetes medications including insulin. He is much happier and feels so much better. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for him. Did I mention that my husband is 67 years old? Thank you for giving me my husband back. You saved his life. I would tell anyone who is thinking seriously about a fitness program to join Body Temple Fitness. What you have done for my husband is nothing short of a miracle. Keep up the good work."
-- Florence Gojuk
"My name is Walter Rogus Jr. and I have been working with the trainers at Body Temple Fitness for a year. When I first began, it was a struggle to do a simple warm-up, such as walking on the treadmill. It was difficult for me to walk through to take my first tour of the studio. But now, due to their dietary advice, customized personal training, and words of encouragement, these motivating trainers have helped me lose 89 lbs… and still losing! The difference this has made in my life is unexplainable! The staff at Body Temple Fitness have accommodated my needs and are helping me reach my goals all while I work to the best of my ability!
In less than a year, I have come so far, and I am excited to see more improved results in my overall health!"

- Walter Rogus Jr
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