Chip and Military Training

Chip and Military Training

Are you going to be tested to join the armed forces, police department, or fire department, but need help preparing for the fitness tests? Let us help you get prepared for the required fitness testing for the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and Correction Officers

Gaining entrance into most of these departments, as well as keeping track of your annual requirements, usually requires passing a physical fitness test of some sort. Sometimes, this will just require being able to run a certain distance under the stipulated time and do exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups. Some departments (and this is becoming more common) have developed a more specific testing protocol; it involves climbing over or carrying objects. You'll want to be able to perform these requirements that closely resemble the demands of the occupation. Call Body Temple Fitness Personal Training Studio today.

Read Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

"It was the best investment I have made this year - I wish I would have worked with Terry sooner. He is my #1 cheerleader and wanted to see me achieve my goals as much as I did. With his guidance, I passed 2 police physical tests, and I am still working w/him to date."

- Diala R.
"It was my desire to serve my country but needed to lose the weight and get fit in order to pass the fitness test and body weight requirement. Terry at BTF helped me lose 30lbs. within 6 weeks and allowed me to pursue my dream. I am now on active duty, proudly serving my country for the last 3 years."

- Jaime Colon
"BTF helped make my dream come true! I was applying to be a Police Officer and started training for the Cooper pretty late in the game. In September, I couldn't even do one push up and was definitely not a runner. I had to do 11 (don't laugh) push-ups and run a 1.5 mile dash in October. While doing push-ups at home late in September, I tore an abdominal muscle and couldn't do any core work. My doctor said there was no way I was going to be able to take the Cooper in 4 weeks because recovery would take at least 3-6 weeks. I talked to Terrace, who came highly recommended, and he said he was going to help me train and get me through the Cooper. He pushed me through core work that strengthened my upper body without using the abdominal muscle. He made me run, which I hated. In three weeks, I was doing 12 push-ups!!! He knew exactly what to do to work around the injury. The morning of the Cooper, I stopped to see him for a pep talk. He said he was coming to watch. That was all I needed. I had to pass the Cooper at 40 percent of the standards to move on - and I blew past that at the 50th percent!!!!!!

In December, I was hired by a local police department and left for the Police Academy. With Terrace's encouragement always in the back of my mind, I left the academy doing 75 push-ups and taking 2 minutes off of my run time. In those 2 years, I've lost 30 pounds and continue to work out every day. I drop in for BTF classes when I can, which I love. I owe my career to his expertise, his knowledge, and his encouragement. I'm still amazed that he knows so much about exercise and the human body where he worked me through core exercises without exacerbating the injury and healing it instead.
Thank you, BTF!"

- Tracy G
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